Our Proposition

White label remittance solution

Avenues payments' "white label" remittance solution, remit.in, is a one-stop shop for banks and other business entities with a host of modules, which enables them to launch their own remittance service with minimal capital expenditure and time to market.

The 5 modules are:-

  1. Technology platform
  2. Operations
  3. Compliance and risk mitigation
  4. Customer support
  5. Design & User interface

The flexibility of our remittance solution allows our clients to choose their own engagement model as per their requirement and we can customize our solution to suit them.

APIL aims to play an active part in the following ways in this process:

  1. Providing the remittance industry with a state-of-the-art and robust yet flexible technology platform.
  2. Provide to our clients a dedicated, one-stop and well-oiled back office set-up to perform all necessary functions related to completing an end–to–end remittance transaction.
  3. Customization of the basic product into your own branded offering, keeping with your company/brand/website look and feel.
  4. Banking tie-ups with leading global partners ensuring efficient routing and disbursement of funds.
  5. An effective risk management module to deal with stringent KYC norms and the global regulatory framework.
  6. Superior customer support via phone, chat,e-mail.

Why Us?

Who can benefit from the Remit.in platform?

Any organization catering to the non-resident market can use the Remit.in platform to drive business. This includes:
• Banks/FIs in the receiving country
• Banks/FIs in the sending country
• Exchange Houses & Currency Convertors
• Web Portals
• Any large company or brand, which is not in the financial services space but wants to offer money transfer services to its customers.

How do you benefit?
• You can launch your own unique state-of-the-art remittance service.
• You can tap a new segment of customers for your existing service by reaching out to a 300 million strong NRI population.
• You can add value to your existing offering and create a differentiator vis-à-vis competition.
• You can increase profits from day one by adding a new revenue stream. Easy migration for your existing user base.
How can your customers benefit through an online remittance service?

Parentage and Experience: Avenues has used its vast and long-standing experience in payments to now offer cross border payments to both individuals and businesses with its subsidiary Avenues Payments India Pvt. Ltd., Its cutting edge remittance solution is also based on the same robust, yet nimble technology that drives Avenues. Not only is it trustworthy, but it is also efficient, convenient, cost effective and above all, user-friendly.

All the money that you send through us flows through Official Banking Channels only. During the entire remittance process, the money remains untouched. Kotak Bank and its partner banks across the Globe form a reliable yet flexible network to route the money safely and securely. Remit.in  rides on these rails to ensure that your money is safely and speedily delivered to your receivers in India.

Cost: Online Remittances are the most cost-competitive cross-border transfer method today, keeping with the fact that in this case there are no infrastructure costs to be recovered.

Convenience and simplicity: It is very simple. Your money transfer is just a few clicks away and your money gets transferred across the globe to your loved ones in India quickly, safely and securely. Say no to carrying cash and mailing checks. Bid goodbye to carrying large wads of notes just to make a remittance. Banish the effort of writing and mailing or depositing checks forever. Your money gets transferred directly between the bank accounts at a mere click of the mouse.

Tracking: Online Remittances are easy to track from the initiation stage until it is credited to the receiver’s account. This can be done using the ‘Status Tracker’ online. Allows one to send text messages to the receiver with the money-free of cost.

Security: We understand how important your money is to you and your loved ones. The 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology we use is a proven technology and one of the strongest methods of securing internet transactions today. Secondly, we ensure that your money is handled by safe hands. All money is directly transferred by the banking partners. Avenues merely facilitates the process and ensures that it works quickly and efficiently. At no point in time do we directly touch or hold on to your money.Our software and the servers that run our website are protected by state-of-the-art firewall systems that prevent unauthorized access to our network and are constantly monitored to prevent security breaches. Your data and your money is our responsibility and we ensure that it is safe.

Customer Support: We understand the importance and urgency of money remittance needs. You can reach us for support via phone, chat or email. Our customer support department employs some of the best professionals with years of experience in managing and servicing customer needs.