White label remittance solution

Avenues payments' "white label" remittance solution,, is a one-stop shop for banks and other business entities with a host of modules, which enables them to launch their own remittance service with minimal capital expenditure and time to market.

The 5 modules are:-

  1. Technology platform
  2. Operations
  3. Compliance and risk mitigation
  4. Customer support
  5. Design & User interface

The flexibility of our remittance solution allows our clients to choose their own engagement model as per their requirement and we can customize our solution to suit them.

APIL aims to play an active part in the following ways in this process:

  1. Providing the remittance industry with a state-of-the-art and robust yet flexible technology platform.
  2. Provide to our clients a dedicated, one-stop and well-oiled back office set-up to perform all necessary functions related to completing an end–to–end remittance transaction.
  3. Customization of the basic product into your own branded offering, keeping with your company/brand/website look and feel.
  4. Banking tie-ups with leading global partners ensuring efficient routing and disbursement of funds.
  5. An effective risk management module to deal with stringent KYC norms and the global regulatory framework.
  6. Superior customer support via phone, chat,e-mail.